What will happen to NFTs now? | Does NFT have any future?

In the NFT market, you will find that there are thousands of NFT collections and most of them are not getting a single sale. 

A lot of people are selling NFT, and a lot of people are copying other collections and trying to make some changes here and there and trying to launch different collections.

So the market is flooded and also we don't have a lot of buyers available at the same time if you look at the data of active NFT traders you will find that we have less than about 100,000 people who are actually in these NFTs Trading and flavoring crypto so that the numbers are much smaller than crypto rides and crypto, you have over seven to eight million people trading crypto.

Almost every day therefore the size of the NFT market is very small and the valuation of this entire market is also very small.

Basic valuation is approximately 1.5 billion overseas collections and is the only single NFT collection with above a $1 billion market cap.

So it will take some time and at the same time the FD sector is growing very fast NFT was chosen as the root word of the year by the dictionary and at the same time, all these venture funds are funding these NFT startups.

And it's a new thing that everyone knows because it took a while for crypto to really go into this mainstream stage and go into this development stage

But I believe that NFTs will not take that long and may reach the path of mainstream adoption much faster than we imagine

There is this venture funding activity happening around and all these products are also happening around NFT is more about it, it is a part of the culture, and people are getting more interested in NFT.

Because they wanted to see NFTs in various digital formats more often in digital content platforms, as well as being part of the NFT culture, all these prominent figures are also promoting NFTs on various platforms. They are getting it, that it is in the format of movie or video and all song and everything is fine so NFT as an industry will grow from here.

The potential of NFTs will be known to all in time to come. And many different industries will adopt NFTs in the near future. I believe the future of NFTs is very good and if you want to invest in NFTs then I think you should start with your intelligence.

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